Men’s Fitness and Ashton Kutcher Talk ‘Jobs’ [VIDEO]

Former Men’s Fitness cover guy and Two and A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher took the time to talk to us about his latest movie and his fitness routine at a New York screening of JOBS , the biopic about the life of iconic tech giant Steve Jobs. Directed by Joshua Michael Stern and co-starring Josh Gad as Jobs’ partner in crime Steve Wozniak, the movie depicts Jobs’ career from his early days at Reed College up to the launch of the iPod.

Kutcher spoke with us about his stark physical transformation and how he adapted his lifestyle for the character. Apart from the floppy haircut and bearded look, Kutcher even went as far as adopting Jobs’ highly vaunted Fruitarian diet (which actually didn’t work as well for Kutcher as it did for Jobs, as Kutcher ended up in the hospital). But the two men actually do have a few things in common: Kutcher is very interested in technology and has his hand in a few different innovative websites and products, including and his own site, He’s even said to have helped get Twitter off the ground years ago.

We also ran into old friend and former bodybuilder Matt McGorry, who’s starring in Netflix’s original series Orange is the New Black. Now that he’s a big TV star, we had to find out how he’s managing to stay in shape these days.

Watch our exclusive video for more on these stars, and be sure to see Kutcher’s uncanny representation of the Apple co-founder in JOBS , in theaters August 16. 

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