Men’s Fitness Editors Predict the End of Breaking Bad


Sunday, Sept. 29 is just around the corner, and for many that means an end to one of television’s greatest shows. We at Men’s Fitness couldn’t be more excited—and a little perturbed. We won’t know till Sunday night, but here are some of our best predictions and thoughts on the ending of AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Hollis Templeton, Associate Editor (@hollistempleton): “MythBusters‘ ‘Breaking Bad’ special ruined the show for me. Now I question the chemistry behind Walt’s every move.”

Jane Seymour, Photo Director (@janiejomp): “A prediction for how it ends?! That’s impossible to tell! If I had to guess I would say Walt kills himself.”

Matt Caputo, Associate Editor (@MattCaputo): “Jesse and Walt team up like son and father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade against the Nazis. Always with the Nazis!”

Sam DeHority, Assistant Editor (@Sdehority): “Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will capture the drug deal—wait, this isn’t Bad Boys III?”

Dean Stattmann, Deputy Editor (@deanstattmann): “I watch it on Netflix, so I’m a season behind. If anyone ruins this for me, I’m gonna go Heisenberg on their ass. He’s still alive, right? Wait, no, don’t tell me.”

Samantha Sutton, Editorial Assistant (@peacelovesamii): “I’ve only ever seen one episode. But I predict I’ll know what happens after logging onto Facebook. There will be a mix of people complaining about the ending, people who thought the ending was great, and about five people announcing they just got engaged.”

Ben Radding, Assistant Editor (@BenRadding): “Walt and Jesse elope in Walt’s secluded New Hampshire hideaway. They have to, there’s just too much ‘chemistry’ there. Amirite? No, but seriously, #RedWedding.”

John Rasmus, Editor-in-Chief (@John_Rasmus):  “Walter returns home. Blackmails Grey Matter Technologies to support Sky, Walt Jr., and Holly. Figures out a (scientifical) way to spring Jesse, waste the Nazis. Finally samples the product, keels over. Cue the buzzards.”

Declan O’Kelly, Digital Manager (@declanokelly): “Hank will turn into a Walking Dead zombie and wreak his revenge on Walter White. Once Walt turns, we are all toast.”

Jeff Tomko, Copy Editor: Albuquerque goes boom!

Breaking Bad closes with its series finale Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. EST.