MF Guy: Homeland’s Diego Klattenhoff


Age: 33
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 180 Ibs.
Body of Work: Homeland, Mean Girls

When you play a Marine Crops Captain in one of TV’s most-watched shows, you better look the part. And that’s exactly why we got Diego Klattenhoff, known for his portrayal of Brody’s “friend” Mike Faber on the Showtime hit Homeland, to chat with us about his workouts and his diet.

“I’m going for that Mark Wahlberg look,” says Klattenhoff. “Strong and confident. Before I even took the role as Mike, I’ve always been in pretty decent shape. I played hockey and baseball as a kid growing up in Nova Scotia. I’ve also been playing some golf with Damian Lewis (Brody).”

[see: Mark Wahlberg’s arm workout]

Klattenhoff hits the gym when he can, but has a pretty busy filming schedule. During a regular week, the Canadian native will do 10 minutes of stretching and go for a morning jog 3-5 times per week to burn off fat. He’ll usually do this outside, because hey, it’s “LA” and “it’s always sunny.” “Cardio is boring for me, so running outside helps to keep me going.” He’ll also hit the weight room 2-3 times for full body-strengthening exercises.

On weeks where he has more time, Klattenhoff will generally take a Muay Thai or kick boxing class for some variety. He’ll balance that out with ashtanga or kundalini yoga classes. (Ideally, the 33-year-old would love to eventually shape his body like the actors from 300.) And how about his diet?

Klattenhoff is definitely a front-loader, getting all his carbs in by early morning. He’s big on filling up on protein post-workout, and is also mindful of what he drinks. “Lay off the suds,” he says. “If you do drink beer—stay light. I usually skip them all together and go with the vodka sodas or whiskey waters.”

Klattenhoff mentioned he’s having an “awesome time” filming Homeland and is so happy with its success—earlier this year, the show broke a Showtime record when 3.4 million viewers tuned into the season two debut. But even if you don’t watch Homeland, you might recognize him as Shane Oman from Mean Girls. Yup, that’s right, he’s the guy Regina George was hooking up with in the projection room—and we couldn’t help but ask him about it.

“Oh, so you wanna know about Lindsay, huh? Well, let’s just say she’s got a lot going on right now,” he says. “But filming the movie was an incredible experience.”

“I remember sitting with a cast-mate after being on the set with Rachel McAdams and just thinking, wow, this girl is going to be a star,” he adds. “And well, the rest is history.

Klattenhoff recently finished filming a new flick called Pacific Rim. Due out in July 2013, the end-of-the-world thriller is directed by Guillermo del Toro and features a battle between robots and giant monsters. What more could you ask for?