Milwaukee Should Probably Learn the Actual Distance of a Marathon

 Mar Portal del Pozo / Getty

Milwaukeeans are great at making beer and cheese. Apparently, they are not so great at measuring things.

For the second year in a row, finishers of the Milwaukee Marathon did not run 26.2. At this year’s October 15 race, cones at the mile-22 turnaround were incorrectly placed, causing the course to be nearly a mile short, according to a report by WHNT.

Last year, a someone tampered with cones, causing many runners to go about a half-mile too long.

A statement by Race Directory Chad Antcliff said: “Though we were assured that the course was checked and then rechecked to verify that all cones were in the proper place, our post-race investigation confirms that they were in fact set short. We deeply regret that this human error by experienced professionals happened and are notifying all concerned.”

The mistake has infuriated runners, who, this year, can’t claim the unexpectedly fast times as legitimate, and last year had to slog through extra distance. Adding extra salt to the wound is an announcement by the Boston Athletic Association, which says it will not accept this year’s times from Milwaukee as qualification for a coveted Boston Marathon bib.

Perhaps Milwaukee’s race officials should team up with the folks behind the Venice Marathon. Both could learn how to properly measure and follow a correct route.

Or they could just stick with the beer and cheese.