MMA Body: Full-throttle Barbell Routine

MMA Workout
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To build the ultimate athletic MMA body, you need to not only lift heavy but also move weight explosively. By increasing power in all of your major muscles, you’ll not only have the force to better take down your opponent but you’ll have a leaner physique to accompany that power.

To increase overall full-body power, perform a barbell complex twice a week. In the Training for Warriors system, we incorporate barbell complex’s on our metabolic days (Tuesday/Thursday). Time is the main parameter for determining intensity. Putting a time limit on it will ensure the right weight has been selected, therefore affecting the speed at which you’ll move the bar.

Target muscles: Full-body workout
Level: Intermediate-advanced
Frequency: Perform the barbell complex one to two times a week, resting at least a day between each session
Time needed: 20-45 Minutes

How to do it:

After warming up, perform each exercise for five repetitions (explosively, with good form) consecutively, 1-8, in less then 60 seconds. Use a 1:2 ratio when resting between sets. Do a maximum of five total complexes per workout.

Bar complex

Perform each exercise, 1-8, for five repetitions, and complete it explosively with good form in less then 60 seconds.

1. Jump squat
2. Overhead press
3. Tricep press
4. Straight-legged deadlift
5. High pull
6. Barbell curl
7. Shurg
8. Bentover row

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