Moderate Exercise Increases Motivation

Moderate exercise healthier lifestyle rotator

To be honest, you don’t have to train hardcore to live a better life. If you’ve been feeling the brunt of brutal workouts or your motivation has become stagnant, it might be time to step off the gas a bit. And if you’re just beginning your journey into fitness, don’t push yourself too hard. New research from the University of Copenhagen confirms that moderate exercise could increase your motivation to work out and lead to an all-around healthier lifestyle.

During a 13-week trial, researchers found that 30 minutes of daily exercise is just as beneficial as a full hour of harder training when it comes to maintaining workout mojo. “The ‘lightweight’ group of exercisers appear to get more energy and be more motivated in relation to pursuing a healthy lifestyle,” said study author Bente Stallknecht in a statement.

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The men in the trials who exercised 30 minutes a day lost an average of 8 pounds during the three months, while those exercising for a full hour every day lost an average of 6 pounds. The subjects who exercised more moderately also reported that they had more motivation and energy to exercise.

If you’re working too hard or just getting into the swing of things, remember that moderate exercise is the best introduction to a healthier lifestyle. And, hey, it could pay off more in the end.

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