Monday Morning Workout: the Full-Body Sandbag Circuit


Editor’s Note: Each Monday of the 2015-2016 football season, MEN’S FITNESS will present a workout (scalable for any fitness level) designed to burn off all the beer and pizza you probably devoured on Sunday while watching all that football. (Props if you ate healthy, though!) You can also do the routine before Monday night’s big game as a preemptive measure. Previous workouts: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3

It’s a matchup of two NFC teams fighting for wins in week 4 of Monday Night Football, as Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions (0-3) try to scrap out their first win against Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks (1-2). The Lions make the trip northwest after a lethargic loss against the Denver Broncos in week 3, while the Seahawks are coming off a much-needed victory after blanking the Chicago Bears, 26-0.

But before you kick your shoes off and raise a glass of your finest IPA, have a go at this full-body sandbag circuit, courtesy of Adam Smith, a strength and conditioning specialist at the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

“Sandbags are a great tool to develop full body strength that translates to everyday activities,” says Smith. “They mimic the unequal distribution of weight that we encounter on a daily basis, such as picking up our kids or moving a piece of furniture.”

Directions: Complete all exercises and then rest 90 seconds before beginning another round. Perform 6-8 rounds to finish the workout. To make the workout tougher, you can either decrease the rest time between each round or increase the number of rounds. 

1. Power Clean and Press

Reps: 10

2. Bent-Over Row

Reps: 20

3. In-Place Reverse Lunge w/ Twist: As you step backwards with your back leg, twist the sandbag toward your front leg.

Reps: 8 each 

4. Pushup with Sandbag Drag: Start in the top of the pushup position with the sandbag perpendicular to your body and beneath your chest. Perform a push up. Once you’re back in the starting plank position, use your left arm to drag the bag to the left. Perform another push up. Once in the starting plank position again, use your right arm to pull the sandbag back to your right.

Reps: 5 for each arm

5. Front Squat

Reps: 10

6. Sandbag Situp: Put the sandbag across your chest and perform the situps.

Reps: 15 



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