Monday Morning Workout: Tackle Fat and Build Muscle With These Basic Weightlifting Moves


We hope you’re ready for some football, because it’s time for tailgating season and some nail-bitting NFL action.

To kick off the 2015 season, we have an MNF doubleheader when the Philadelphia Eagles square off with the Atlanta Falcons at 7:10 p.m. ET, followed by another NFC matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers at 10:20 p.m. 

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Starting with this, Week 1, and running concurrently with the Monday Night Football schedule, MEN’S FITNESS will be bringing you a brand new workout. Whether you do it Monday morning to get amped up for the game, or save it for Tuesday morning to help burn off all that beer and wings and you took down during the game, all we care about is that you do it. Be sure to check every Monday morning to get the never-before-seen routine.

In today’s workout, created by National Strength and Conditioning Association Coaching Performance Coordinator Doug Berninger, CSCS, you will work on some of the most essential weightlifting movements.

“These two training sessions provide the beginner the tools necessary to begin to learn the weightlifting movements,” says Berninger. “It is always better to begin lighter, performing higher quality movement, before load is added where the body begins to break down. If poor quality movement is performed, the body will become accustomed to this and bad habits will be formed.” So, choose a weight that’s lighter than you think you can handle, and slowly add weight as you get more comfortable with the movements. 

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The Workout

Front Squat

Sets: 4
Reps: 5

Clean Romanian Deadlift

Sets: 4
Reps: 6

Mid-Thigh Clean Pull 

Sets: 4
Reps: 5

Barbell Press

Sets: 4
Reps: 5

Back Hyperextensions

Sets: 4
Reps: 8

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