The Most Important Tips We Gleaned From ‘The Swoly Bible: the Bro Science Way of Life’


Visualize success!

Getting ripped is all about visualization. Start by seeing where you want to go, work like hell to get there, and that future will become reality. See also The Fit Guy’s Cheet Sheet: November 2016.

Catch her eye!

Before you take your shirt off at the beach, do a few reps of a close-grip bench press and underhand pullups or even pushups. Those last-minute pumps will ensure a big reveal.

Trust your elders!

Listen to the ripped dude at the gym when he offers you advice about deadlifting. Otherwise, you’re probably going to do something stupid and wreck your body.

Spice your chicken!

Chicken will never be the most appetizing option, but if you douse it with hot sauce, it’ll always be tasty.