The Most Impressively Fit Instagrammers of 2016

Via Instagram: Darrell Michnowicz, Martyn Ford, Jim Maryniak

Some people work out for the ‘gram. It’s fine. Everyone does it sometimes.

But some guys are so musclebound, so practiced in their craft, and so doggedly determined to push past human limits that they regularly accomplish the impossible in the gym. And for those guys, recording it on Instagram isn’t just for the likes—it’s to prove that they did it.

This roundup is a tribute to just that. Take a look at our favorite fitness freaks—and yes, we say that with utmost respect—of 2016: They represent some of the greatest specimens inbodybuilding, CrossFit, yoga, human form, and sheer gut-check endurance. And remember: These feats may look impossible, but there’s only one way to get there, and it starts with getting your ass of the couch.

1. Darrell Michnowicz

Michnowicz is a Los Angeles-based movement coach who’s got some next-level mobility. Check out his Instagram for more incredible videos and tips for boosting your functional strength.


2. Dwayne Johnson

We couldn’t compile a list of the greatest (aka borderline insane) fitness videos without including The Rock. That said, he deserves a list of his own—check out the 10 times he utterly dominated Instagram with his epic workouts.


3. Michael Söderman

Söderman’s impressive feat—41 over-the-bar burpees in 60 seconds—won him the NF Challenge One, beating out the score of even 2016 CrossFit Games champion Mathew Fraser. Check out his Instagram for more CrossFit-inspired videos.


4. Brian Shaw

You don’t get to call yourself the strongest man in the world for nothing, and Shaw’s Instagram handle—@shawstrength—is no joke. A three-time winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition, the American routinely displays unreal feats of brute force on his Instagram page.


5. Martyn Ford

An average guy, Martyn Ford is not. Few men get even close to his positively gargantuan physique—at 6’8″, and has the mass of a true goliath—but you can at least watch some of his workouts in awe.


6. Jim Maryniak

Maryniak is a NY-based personal trainer and Type 1 diabetic. Scroll through his Instagram for some truly insane fitness feats.


7. Tyler Stroud

Stroud and Maryniak are in loads of Instagram videos together. This routine is just a glimpse of their strength, coordination, and mobility. Check out Stroud’s feed here.


8. Andy Speer

Speer, a certified strength and conditioning coach (C.S.C.S.), works at Soho Strength Lab in New York City. Take a look at his Instagram for inventive routines.


9. Mathew Fraser

The 2016 Crossfit Games champ has enough workout motivation on his Instagram page to get you off the couch.


10. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

An Icelandic professional strongman (6x Iceland’s Strongest Man, 2x Europe’s Strongest Man) who spends his free time playing “The Mountain” on Game Of Thrones, Thor Bjornsson has one of the best Instagrams around. Superhuman strength doesn’t even begin to cover it. (Also, he has a Pomeranian.)


11. Mike Aidala

This online trainer will absolutely school you in all things strength, flexibility, and mobility. Aidala’s Instagram is a mashup of killer bodyweight stunts and AcroYoga.


12. Dylan Werner

We can promise once you start scrolling through the absolutely jaw-dropping videos of Werner doing yoga on his Instagram, you won’t stop. Actually, we had such a difficult time picking his most impressive video, we figured we’d link to another.


13. Jay Cardiello

What health expert and fitness trainer Cardiello can do with a set of sliders will have you second-guessing everything you thought you knew about getting in a good workout. His Instagram is loaded with creative, super-challenging routines and exercises.


14. Dan Weierich

Weierich’s bodybuilding skills aren’t the only thing making waves on Instagram. Check out his 8′ 8″ ceiling high kick.


15. Terron Beckham

Beckham sure as hell isn’t hanging in the shadows of cousin—New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.—and if you follow him on the ‘gram, you’d know that he regularly proves he’s a rare athletic specimen.

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