The Most Popular Fitness Emoji

The Most Popular Fitness Emoji

Think about your Instagram feed. Now, think about the emojis. When it comes to the most common ones, you immediately think of the heart, the 100 sign, and some smiley faces.

But, what about when it comes to sports-related emojis? Any idea what the most common emoji is in this realm? Here are some choices:

A) The muscle emoji, B) the baseball emoji, C) the soccer emoji and, D) the cycling emoji.

According to a recent study by Instagram, it wasn’t even a close race. Used 287,155,344 times on Instagram over the past calendar year, the muscle emoji was used over five times as often as the next leading emoji (the soccer ball with 53,000,173 uses), reported. Rounding out the top five are the swimming emoji (29,846,865), the basketball emoji (25,808,512), and the football emoji (19,017,740).

So, the next time you upload a photo, you might want to pause and consider this information. What you do with it, that’s entirely up to you.

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