The Most Popular Running Songs of the Year


Need a little motivation to keep up with your running routine in early 2016? You could join a challenge, like Under Armour’s You VS the Year Challenge—which asks partipants to run the equivalent of 23 marathons this year (that’s 621.4 miles). Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it in 23 days—just within 2016.

Or, you could load up your phone with some of the most popular running songs of 2015. According to a recent Spotify study, 60 percent of runners say tunes help them to run faster and longer. Download these songs—or just queue up Spotify Running next time you hit the road or trails (or, let’s be real: the treadmill). It will automatically match the music to your pace which can help you keep pushing no matter how long or hard your run.

The only other thing you need to get going is the right gear. Here’s everything you need for running in the rain and snow.

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