Move Over #PizzaRat, Pita Rats Are Taking Over

Move Over #PizzaRat, Pita Rats Are Taking Over

First there was Pizza Rat, an ambitious rodent with a hankering for a plain slice of cheese (obviously). Now the bar has been raised by not one, but two rats dubbed—what else—Pita Rats. As you’ll see in the video above, these two battle over a slice of pita bread until one reigns victorious over the other.

But is there a clear winner among them all? Are the pita rats any healthier than the pizza rat?

Katherine Zeratsky, RDN, says, “I’m not sure any rat is making a better choice.” When adjusted for size, pizza crust and pita bread are about equal in nutritionals. Though she says pizza crust is higher in fat—containing about 2g—since oil is almost always added on top. If the pita rat really wanted to make a better choice he should “choose a whole grain pita, watch the portion, and top it with veggies.” We’ll bet that might be harder to come by in the New York City subway.

But if we’re looking beyond nutrition, the Pita Rats still have an edge: While their pizza-toting predecessor was heading down the stairs, they’re hauling the spoils of war up—surely a more grueling workout for rodents attempting to move a food item nearly as big as they are.

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