The Muscle Shockers: a Full Body Workout That Will Hit Nearly Every Muscle Fiber in Your Body

You’ve done singles, splits, circuits, intervals, and everything else under the sun to hammer the hell out of the body fat that lives on your body. Why not just trying slowing things down for a change? What we mean by “slow things down” would be to focus on the eccentric part of each exercise. Simply put, the eccentric portion of an exercise is when you’re lowering the weight. For a bench it would be the descent of the bar back to your chest. For a pullup, it would be the lowering of your body. Most of the time we get caught up in “repping things out” and forget just how powerful the eccentric portion of the exercise is. In fact, it’s during the eccentric phase that muscle fibers are firing the most. So for this shocker, your attention is going to be on the eccentric portion of each move. Take 2-3x more time than usual to go back to the start position. Wait 24-48 hours after this workout—everything will ache. And rightfully so since you left no fiber unscathed.


1. Static Pull Ups 3 sets x failure (slight pause at the top before slow decline)

2. Squat pauses 3 sets x 8

3. Cable flyes 3 sets x 8

4. Dumbbell raises (+hold 10 seconds) 3 sets x failure

5. Alternating hammer curl holds 3 sets x 8

6. Single-arm cable pushdowns 3 sets x 8

7. Planks 3 sets x failure

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