The Muscle Shockers: Three Workouts That Force Your Body to Grow

You’ve got to give a program at least 4-6 weeks before switching it out. That’s a given. Things take time. But what worked for you, say, 6 months ago, may not work for you now. And let’s be honest: who wouldn’t get bored hammering out the same exercise structure week after week after week? That’s where the Muscle Shocker series comes in. These are the workouts you use sparingly. Maybe not every week, or even every month. The choice is yours. The goal of these routines is to give the body and mind just what it needs: A shock. Those lazy muscle fibers never saw it comin’.

You now have 3 new workouts to add to your muscle-building, fat-burning arsenal. Click on the links below for a full video demonstration.

The Chest Pre-Exhaustion Shock Workout >>>
The Full Body Eccentric Shock Workout >>>

The Shoulders and Traps Fascial Shock Workout >>>

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