A Must-Know Gameplay Tip for Mafia III


The Mafia franchise has lived in the shadows of its first-person, drive-anywhere-and-do-anything big brother Grand Theft Auto for more than a decade. But with the arrival of its third incarnation—a beautiful open-world shooter set in a gritty, politically charged New Orleans in 1968—little brother is finally a juggernaut in its own right.

Developed by the brand-new Hangar 13 studio—and helmed by acclaimed comic-book writer Haden Blackman (of Star Wars comics and Master of Kung Fu fame)—it’s got killer game play and an edgy, gripping story that touches on controversial themes of race and income inequality that will ring all too familiar today. You play a biracial mob enforcer and Vietnam vet who returns home to find that his largely African-American mob has been supplanted by the new guys in town: Italian gangsters.

You? You’re out for revenge.

Crucial Gameplay Tip!

According to Hangar 13 exec producer Andy Wilson, you need to master the cover moves: “These lend themselves to the stalking and stealth takedowns you use to gain a tactical advantage before any fight begins.”

$60, available Oct. 7; for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Mac OS X.

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