Must Try: Oblique Exercise to Get Cut

Must Try: Oblique Exercise to Get Cut

The obliques can be difficult to isolate, but this exercise will help them ‘pop’ by hitting the muscle from a unique angle and movement.

When to do it: At the end of a workout.

Benefits: This finisher will hit obliques from a unique angle.

Set-up: For this finisher, you’ll need a cable machine or a universal gym.

The Finisher – Single Arm Oblique’s Crunch

Reps: 3 sets of 15 reps (each side). Take no breaks in between sets. Your left side rests as your right is being worked.

Description: In a split stance with your left foot in front of your right. Grab the cable with your right hand and set it at its highest possible setting.

> Start with 30-40 lbs and progress from there.

> As you bring the weight down (keeping your arm relatively straight in the process), bring your back knee (right) up.

> Then as you bring both your right hand an knee together, bring your right shoulder slightly down and crunch the right side of your body.

> Bring the hand all the way down so it’s parallel with the outside of you knee.

> Return to starting position and repeat. When you switch arms the previous description will still apply, just with opposing body parts.