Nathan Morris Body Transformation: How the Boyz II Men Singer Changed His Lifestyle, Lost Weight, and Got Lean

Nathan Morris Body Transformation: Boyz II Men Singer Weight Loss Photos
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Body transformations are never easy. They require serious commitment to maintaining a strict weight-loss diet; making time to hit the gym (even when you don’t feel like it); and a total-body, fat-burning, muscle-building workout plan.

Throw in a thriving music career, a crazy touring schedule, and a residency at The Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, and losing weight can seem damn near impossible.

But Nathan Morris, the founding member of iconic R&B group Boyz II Men, didn’t let his intense schedule stop him from overhauling his lifestyle and achieving a stunning total-body transformation.

The secret to his success? Focusing less on “going on a diet” and more on living healthy. “Many people are fooled into believing diet is key, but diets by nature are temporary,” Morris tells Men’s Fitness. “A lifestyle change is forever.”

Write a caption… How we got here…….Lots of green vegetables, lots of water, lots of good proteins low sugar fruits, a diverse array of vitamins. 15mins of sprints (interval training) at least 4x a week 15mins of core & resistance training (rep quality is important NOT quantity) at least 4x a week No sugar No white rice No starches No dairy No carbohydrates (which is also sugar, some people still don’t know that lol) only the good carbs (brown rice/yams)…… and we find ourselves HERE! As my friend @tonycress says” No one is hiding this informative from us it’s out there if we choose to look for it” so when you’re on instagram “guys” looking through the new butt shots and “ladies” posting those new butt shots🤣🤣🤣 look around for some of this kinda information. It’s out there if we want to look. and TRUST me it works!!!! Shout out to @nathanmorrisfanpage for posting this photo, and thanks to “sweat” for making my shirt stick and stay up longer then I intended!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Since committing himself to maintaining his weight loss and a lean midsection any fit dude would envy, Morris now primarily sticks to “lots of green vegetables, a ton of water, good proteins, low-sugar fruits, and a good choice of vitamins,” he says. Sugar, white rice, starches, dairy, and bad carbohydrates have been swapped out for brown rice and yams, which are much better sources of carbs for energy.

In terms of his workout plan, Morris is a “big believer in interval training.” He does “15 minutes of sprints at least four times a week and 15 minutes of core and resistance training,” where he points out that rep quality not quantity is the most important thing.

And despite all of his commitments, he still finds the time to put in the work—and believes that you can, too.

“Anyone can do it—it’s all mental,” he says.

So get up off the couch and get your body transformation goals on track with our 45-minute transformation workout to get back in shape fast, our three workouts to turn your body into an unbreakable machine, and our total-body comeback workout plan.

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