Nathaniel Mack Shares Secrets of Staying Fit Despite Busy Schedule

Nathaniel Mack
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Modern times and technologies have changed the way people work, sleep, eat, and go on about their lives. Besides the numerous benefits that the modern world offers, living in a world like that also has some drawbacks. With everything at hand’s reach, a lot of people wholeheartedly embrace the sedentary lifestyle, which has now become one of the main enemies of the everyday person.

According to the World Health Organization reports, ischaemic heart disease (the heart attack) is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for over 16% of all death causes. On top of that, the number of deaths caused by heart attacks skyrocketed since 2000 by an astonishing 450%—from around 2 million deaths per year in 2000 to over 9 million deaths per year today.

Many of these deaths could have been prevented through exercise. As Nathaniel Mack points out, “I understand that it can sometimes be demanding to find time for exercise in today’s busy world, but people need to understand that the success they are chasing won’t mean anything if they end up six feet under.”

Nathaniel Mack is a renowned personal injury lawyer running a top-rated law firm for personal injury cases in Texas. Despite having a pretty tight schedule filled with calls, meetings, court appointments, and his children, this super-fit lawyer manages to stay in great physical shape thanks to a few trade secrets. And for Mack, life is all about balance—balance in work, balance at home, and balance in both body and mind.

“The job, any job, is as challenging as it is, and when you add a few kids into the mix, it makes it almost impossible to find enough time for yourself. I believe this is true for almost every person out there,” says Mack. “But one thing that’s helping me out is that I built my schedule around ‘me time.’ So, if you have a hard time finding space in your calendar for working out or taking care of your mind, just plan your day around that.”

And Nathaniel Mack’s day starts early, around 5 a.m. The first thing on his schedule is the gym. He usually runs a few miles to the gym, does a quick workout, and then runs back home. When the clock hits 7 a.m., Mack is already all dressed up, and then it’s time for his after-workout shake and a little bit of quiet time for meditation.

As Nathaniel Mack explains, besides gym and working out, meditation and introspection are essential parts of his life. “Once the kids wake up, it’s nonstop noise out of bed. I come into the office—the phone’s ringing off the hook. Everyone’s calling my name. It’s chaos,” he says. “Morning is really the only time when I can enjoy complete silence and just sit there and think about my day, write some things down that I want to accomplish. You need to have that self-reflection time just so you don’t lose yourself amidst all the chaos, and so you can follow your purpose and do the things you set out to do.”

But what about food? It’s no secret that some people completely forget to eat when they are busy, so what does this ultra-fit injury lawyer eat to keep his figure? Well, Nathaniel Mack is an advocate of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting, also known as intermittent energy restriction, is a special diet where a person abstains from any food for an extended period of time.

Mack points out that intermittent fasting goes well with his schedule and works wonders for his body. Because there are around 16 hours in between meals, he will drink a lot of water. On top of that, Mack carefully picks what he snacks on and eats, so instead of fried and fatty food, he will snack on nuts or seaweed. For dinner, it’s usually lean meat and vegetables, as the body thrives on protein and fibers, allowing him to get the nutrients he needs.

“My diet and working out five times a week is kind of how I keep the fitness up. When it comes to food I eat, I’ve got a pretty strict diet,” says Mack. “The usual morning meal is a protein shake, and then I usually don’t eat anything until dinnertime. It’s typically around 16 hours without eating. I do snack once in a while, but I’m eating nuts or seaweed, and of course, drinking a lot of water. I just make sure I get enough nutrients my body needs.”

Judging by his accomplishments and figure, it seems that Nathaniel Mack cracked the case wide open and found the secret formula to being successful in all areas of life. However, he does add that training the mind and body to follow such a regime isn’t an easy task but is feasible. “Success is all about the mind over matter,” says Mack. “And it’s not easy to change your life from the ground up. Your mind and body will scream, kick, and do anything to prevent the change. But when you conquer your mind and your mind conquers your body, there is no challenge or obstacle that will stop you ever again.”

Written in partnership with Luke Linz


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