Is the New 7-Minute Workout Better Than the Original?

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Here’s a brief history of the evolving routine known as the 7-Minute Workout. Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute, was working at the same institution more than 10 years ago when his traveling corporate clients would cite a lack of time and equipment as the reason they didn’t work out. 

To assist these law enforcement, medical, and business executives, Jordan designed a high-intensity interval workout and co-authored this 2013 Health and Fitness Journal study about the science behind it. Jordan and his 7-minute routine garnered significant media attention last year, so much that the New York Times recently released a new “advanced” version of the routine. 

Featuring nine exercises as opposed to 12 in the original 7-minute workout, the advanced 7-minute workout incorporates dumbbell movements as opposed to purely bodyweight in the original. Another difference is 10 seconds of rest versus 5 seconds and a few 60-second work periods rather than a consistent 30-second work interval.

Jordan’s original 7-minute workout adheres to the principle that exercises should be performed in the following order: total body, lower body, upper body, then core to allow the opposing muscle group to recover, while the new 7-minute workout employs full-body and core movements to build strength fast.

Give both free 7-minute workouts a try and see for yourself which one gives you a better workout. We can assure you of one thing: they both work well for sneaking in a quick sweat. 

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