New Moves: Treadmill Pushes


Few things can seem as repetitive as traditional treadmill cardio. And once you’re bored, the gym can feel more and more like a prison cell—especially when it’s nice outside. Break free by trying some treadmill pushes. These are performed with the machine’s power turned off; instead of running, you simply drive the unpowered belt with your feet. It’s guaranteed to give you some of the best cardio you’ve ever done— along with a whole new way of looking at a treadmill.

FORWARD PUSH (not shown)
Hold onto the dashboard of a regular treadmill and keep your head up, and your spine in a stiff, neutral position. Drive the belt with your legs by “pawing” at it with your feet. Drive through your heels as you move the belt to work the glutes and hamstrings, or get on your toes to put more emphasis on your quads.

BEAR CRAWL (above)
Assume a push-up position facing away from the dashboard, with your hands on the floor behind the treadmill and your feet on the belt. Brace your abs and drive the belt. This position also provides great core work as you have to keep your abs tight the whole time.