Finally, a Fitness Tracker Fit for Weightlifting, HIIT, and CrossFit

Nexus arm band fitness trackerCourtesy Image

Want a tracker, but don’t spend much time biking, swimming, or running? You’re in good company. The big void in fitness tracking has always been weightlifting and metabolic conditioning workouts. The devices follow your runs and interpret heart rate just fine, but generally cannot estimate how much work you did on the weights floor.



Enter Nexus, the first wearable for the masses that counts burpees, clean and jerks, wall balls, et al.

Nexus fitness tracker app
Nexus fitness tracker app Courtesy Image


It’s easy to use: Decide what’s on tap (moves, reps, sets), enter it in the app, turn on the electronic tracker—which slips into a compression sleeve—then get after it. It’ll detect your movements through space (e.g. box jumps, kettlebell swings, handstand walks) to measure your external output. Algorithms then analyze those data points.

The intel syncs to the app so you can review your power output and times, and compare workout performance, week over week. You don’t just get numbers, but insight on how to improve. For instance, Nexus can track round splits so you can better pace your WOD and prevent early burnout. You can also find your cadence—average reps per minute—to identify exercises you struggle the most with.



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