No Dumb Blonde: Fair-Haired Women Have the Highest IQ

No Dumb Blonde: Fair-Haired Women Have the Highest IQ

How many blondes does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one—and she’s smart enough to know she doesn’t have to spin the ladder or the house to do it.

Ohio State University researcher Jay Zagorsky, Ph.D., compared data on more than 10,000 14–21-year-olds who’d been included in a U.S. Longitudinal Survey and had also taken the Armed Forces Qualification Test, which measures IQ and lists race and hair color. 

What he found: Among Caucasian women (Hispanics and African-Americans were excluded from the study), blondes’ average IQ was the highest, at 103.2; brunettes followed at 102.7, with red-heads next at 101.2, and raven-haired women at 100.5. This doesn’t mean that blonde women, with their 0.5-point lead, are actually smarter than non-blondes, says Zagorsky, just that they’re certainly not dumb.

And in case you’re wondering, blond Caucasian men lost to brown-haired men 103.9 to 104.4.

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