The No Limits Workout

No limits workout1

Hitting a plateau on a lift or pulling something in your back during a set doesn’t happen because you downed the wrong pre-workout drink. You have a weakness you need to address. Some link in your body’s chain of muscles is broken, and, until it’s fixed, your progress will be stalled and you’ll risk further injury. You need to go back to the basics, using self-limiting exercises to assess and correct the problem before it gets worse. “The No-Limits Workout” is a series of self-limiting movements that will fortify commonly weak areas and restore mobility to tight muscles. Boost your performance in the gym, improve hip and hamstrings  flexibility and stengthen your core with this four move full body workout.The Best Total Body Cardio Workout >>>DIRECTIONSAlternate the paired exercises (A and B) until all sets are complete. So, you’ll do a set of A, rest as needed, then B, rest, and repeat. Perform the remaining exercises as straight sets (completing all sets of one exercise before moving on to the next). End any set the moment you feel your form breaking.THE WORKOUT1A. BEAR CRAWLSets: 3 Reps: Crawl for 50–100 feetGet on all fours and crawl forward like a bear. Keep your legs fairly straight so your hips are above your head and step to the outside of your hands. Brace your core and try to move smoothly.1B. JUMP ROPESets: 3 Reps: Do as many jumps as you can in 30 secondsTwo turns of the rope per second is a good goal. Aim for the same number of turns or more each set.The 6 Biggest Trend Shifts in Fitness >>>2. DEADLIFTSets: 3 Reps: 5Stand with feet about hipwidth apart. Bend your hips back to reach down and grasp the bar so your hands are just outside your knees. Keeping your lower back in its natural arch, drive your heels into the floor and pull the bar up along your shins until you’re standing with hips fully extended. Use the same load each set—it should be heavy enough that you can get only five reps in the last set.3.  LOG SQUATSets: 2 Reps: 6–10 (each side)Hold a barbell over one shoulder. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and toes turned slightly out. Bend your hips back and squat as low as you can without your lower back rounding. Keep the bar level. When you’re able, take your hand away and balance the weight on your shoulder alone. Complete your reps, rest, then do the other side (that’s one set).The Warrior Body Workout >>>

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