No Surprise: World’s First Pot-Friendly Gym to Open in San Francisco

No Surprise: World’s First Pot-Friendly Gym to Open in San Francisco

Some people say that hitting the gym gives them a “natural high.”

Power Plant Fitness is taking that to the next level.

Set to open in San Francisco later this year, Power Plant Fitness will offer members the chance to use marijuana on-site while working up a sweat.

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The location claims to be the first “cannabis-friendly gym” in the world, but don’t expect to be filled with smoke and lazy stoners. Jim McAlpine, a co-founder of the gym, says that Power Plant Fitness “won’t be a place to get high and just screw around” and that the gym is “focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side,” according to his website.

It’s not the first cannabis-based fitness project for McAlpine—he also has a hand in the 420 Games, which are an Olympic-style “active lifestyle events” series featuring competitions for pot enthusiasts. Some of the past events have included mountain biking, golfing, triathlons, and yes, a 4.20 mile run.

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Power Plant Fitness is looking to use cannabis in a positive way to help members as they work out. Each member will get a “cannabis performance assessment” when they join and that the staff will try and use marijuana as a “tool for focus and recovery” in training, McAlpine explained in an email to Tech Insider.

As for the actual marijuana consumption during workouts: The gym is planning to allow edibles and vaping for members, and they are hoping to add a smoking deck at some point down the line. The company is also planning “a line of edibles designed for pre-workout focus and post-workout recovery.”

The gym is scheduled to open in fall of 2016—as long as the project doesn’t go up in smoke.

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