Noom Is the Lifestyle App You Need to Get Fit and Trim Down

Noom lifestyle app

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Trying to lose weight but can’t seem to achieve your goals? Then you’ve got to try Noom. Because Noom is more than just a weight-loss app. Noom is a lifestyle app.

Yes, Noom will help you trim down, and you’ll look better and feel great. But what separates Noom from other diet and weight loss apps is its focus on your lifestyle, more than just your diet and exercise plan.

Because weight loss is all about living right, eating right, and making the right choices. Isn’t it? Everyone who diets or starts a fitness plan has the best of intentions. But it’s those bad choices in moments of weakness that so often derail our intentions.

But hey, that’s what makes us human! It’s just so easy to have that second helping of pasta, or that extra scoop of ice cream. We all make lousy choices sometimes. And one lousy, split-second choice in a moment of weakness so often leads to more bad decisions. Next thing you know, you wake up the next day feeling like crap and mad at yourself for not having more self-control.

And now you’ve got to work that much harder to get back on track.

noom lifestyle app

Don’t you wish you had someone to remind you to make smarter choices? To nudge you to do the right thing? To get up off the couch and motivate? That’s what makes Noom a lifestyle app: It’s so much more than a simple diet and fitness planner.

Noom begins by asking you a few simple questions about your lifestyle, your health, and your fitness and weight goals. It’s a simple survey. Noom then formulates a diet and exercise plan to help you hit your goals within a set amount of time. Stick to that plan, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier life. Sounds simple enough.

But of course, we all know that life gets in the way of our “best laid plans.” After a grueling day at work, no one wants to go to the gym. At a particularly delicious dinner, it’s hard to say no to a few more bites. On a fun night out with friends, it’s particularly hard to turn down one more round.

But these are all decisions we all make. And so often the next morning, we wish someone would have told us to just say no. It’s hard. It’s maddening. But that’s where Noom can come in handy.

See, Noom is a community of thousands of people in your exact same position. Normal folks who want to get fit and trim. Who have been through what you’re going through. And who’ve come out the other side, trim and healthy and better for the struggle.

So when you join Noom, you join that community—a community that’s growing day by day. And the Noom community has your back.

Not only do you get a Coach to help you stick to your diet and exercise plan, you get the power and encouragement of the Noom community to help you make smarter choices. Knowing there are others in the same position—people just like you—who’ve done the right thing and made the smart choice, will help you do the same.

Whenever you’re feeling tempted, simply reach out to your Noom coach or the Noom community. Within minutes (likely), you’ll get the help, advice, and support you need to say “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Losing weight and living a healthier life is more than just diet and exercise—it’s a lifestyle choice. That’s why you need more than a diet and exercise app. You need a lifestyle app.

If you want to get in shape, lead a healthier life, Noom can help. Sign up for a two-week trial, and start making smarter choices today.

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