Norman Reedus Just Revealed the Secret Behind His MEN’S FITNESS Cover Shoot on the ‘Late Late Show’

Norman Reedus and Jenna Dewan Tatum appear on 'The Late Late Show' with James Corden.

Norman Reedus just gave away our secrets for looking jacked in photoshoots.

In a visit to The Late Late Show on Wednesday night, host James Corden flashed the March cover of Men’s Fitness featuring The Walking Dead star.

“Ladies… Look at this beefcake on the cover of Men’s Fitness!” Corden said, earning cheers from the audience (and Jenna Dewan Tatum, who shared the couch with Reedus). “Talk me through this, Norman—when you’re in the sudio, do they go, ‘Okay, if you could just lift up your shirt, and then flex for us?!'”

“Well they give you sandbags, and they tell you that you have to lift these sandbags before every click” of the camera, Reedus replied. “So you’re lifting these sandbags, and you think you’re gonna pee in your pants, because it’s just so much. So if you look at my face, and it looks like I’m in pain, that’s because I’m in pain.”

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Corden replied: “I don’t think it looks like you’re in pain. I think it looks…really hot.”

(Click here to watch the episode online. The magazine cover shows up around 22 minutes in.)

Corden then shifted the focus to Tatum, who spoke about her time as a dancer touring with Janet Jackson. “We always ended up going to strip clubs,” she recalled.

“That sounds great,” Reedus said with a wry grin.

At that point, James Corden started getting his own stripper groove on—so Reedus, naturally, pulled out his wallet and stuffed a bill into James Corden’s pants.

Turned out it was a Benjamin.

“Wait, gimme that back!” Reedus said, as Corden snatched it away.

“Look at Reedus!” Corden said in awe. “Who carries around this many hundies?!” Reedus protested, but Corden kept it up. (“I host a show that starts at 12:37 on CBS—that’s a year’s wages for me!”)

In a (slightly) more serious moment of the interview, Reedus also shared that he’s waging a savage prank war against his fellow Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln, who plays series lead Rick Grimes, during filming. Reedus is all about “hitting quick,” so he made sure to execute two solid pranks before Lincoln even knew what hit him.

Daryl 1, Rick 0.

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