The Not-Home Workout—The LA Hotel Downtown


An early enough flight in. Clothing is unpacked. Stomach is full. Obligations don’t begin until the evening. Pass on the available facility and use the hotel room itself.

Whenever you’re away on business—this is one to do the trick. 

The exercises:

Body-weight squat
Jump squat
Push up

The structure:

Grouping number 1

Body-weight squat x 50 repetitions
Push up x 25 repetitions
Crunch x 50 repetitions

Grouping number 2

Jump squat x 25 repetitions
Push up x 25 repetitions
Crunch x 25 repetitions
Bicycles/kicks x 50 repetitions

Alternate each grouping for a total of five sets with 60 seconds rest between each set. 

This quick body-weight workout was inspired by The 21-Day At-Home Shred—a part of the SHRED SERIES package. 

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