Now You Can Watch LeBron James Hit the Gym in 360-Degree Video

LeBron James in "Striving for Greatness" for Oculus VR.

I was born with God given talent, but I PROMISE you that when the bright lights go down I am grinding it out and working…

Posted by LeBron James on Wednesday, September 23, 2015


What’s better than watching LeBron James hit the gym for the training routine of a champion?

How about watching it as if you were right there in the gym?

Enter Striving for Greatness, a new short movie from Oculus, the game-changing company behind the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and UNINTERRUPTED, Bleacher Report’s bare-bones video series featuring superjocks talking into iPhone cameras. (Scroll around inside the video to take advantage of the full 360-degree view.)

Produced by the niche VR specialists at Felix & Paul Studios for the Oculus Rift and Samsung’s VR package, Striving for Greatness follows the pride of Akron as he prepares for his 13th NBA season by ripping through hanging knee raises, honing his technique under the basket, and doing yoga. (Yes! LeBron James does yoga!)

The trailer dropped on Christmas during the Cavs-Warriors game, and if this Facebook trailer is any indication, the VR format will be utterly transformational for more than just video games.

“I understand I was born with God-given talent,” James says over some hip-hop synth. “But I work my ass off, I work my tail off, every single day. And not when you guys see it, when the lights are on…. I’m there in the gym, actually putting in the work, and trying to improve.”

The new Oculus Rift is set to debut in early 2016, but Samsung owners can get an early look by plunking down $99 for the Gear VR headset, which transforms the Galaxy or Note phones into VR headsets. Check out the below commercial, “Let’s Go to Work,” featuring Samsung’s VR tech.