One Year in Lockdown: Life and Lessons with Max Lugavere

Max Lugavere
Tru Niagen

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One year ago began the first stay-at-home order. Originally planned for just two weeks, this lockdown lasted far longer than any of us could have imagined. While we’re all itching to return to normalcy, this global shift toward health consciousness may build positive and sustainable habits in the long term.

Science journalist and New York Times bestselling author Max Lugavere prioritized his physical and mental health during lockdown. “I did everything I could to stay active and prevent burnout while isolating at home,” says Lugavere. “In my podcast, The Genius Life, I interviewed top doctors and researchers almost daily to gain insight on the best practices for maintaining overall health during this time. I plan to incorporate what I learned well after this is all over.”

Lugavere focused on simple, overarching health practices in quarantine, and he plans to continue this effort long after lockdown subsides.

Let’s take a page from Lugavere’s book. We can incorporate key strategies to live an optimized life, in 2021 and beyond.

At-Home Workouts

Before the stay-at-home order, at-home fitness was a sub-industry already on the rise. Once gyms and fitness studios shut their doors, at-home fitness boomed.

Consumers used websites like YouTube and TikTok to find free, no-equipment exercises to target specific muscle groups and up their heart rate. Brands adapted in turn. Gyms and studios quickly pivoted to a virtual fitness model, slashing prices to encourage regulars to stay connected. Many launched downloadable apps to consolidate a variety of workouts and provide accessibility on the go.

Today, many gyms and studios are in the process of opening in accordance with state guidelines. While gym-rats sprint back to their favorite squat machine, the online fitness community is here to stay. The convenience, range, and privacy of an at-home workout remains an appealing alternative to those wary of the gym.

Max Lugavere
Tru Niagen

Supplement Use

The supplement industry also saw a significant boom in 2020. Immune boosters, multivitamins, digestive aids, and even protein powders all experienced dramatic growth under 2020’s health-conscious mindset.

These dynamic changes to the industry will profoundly impact retailers and distributors and will continue to attract the attention of investors. Looking for science-backed tips for your personal wellness? Financial analysts have a keen eye for revolutionary health solutions.

One such supplement is Tru Niagen®, a nutrient that helps consumers with healthy aging. It is a unique form of vitamin B3 that works to counteract the effects of stress and time by boosting levels of NAD+, a key molecule needed to help your body’s cells function optimally. The sole active ingredient, NIAGEN®, is a patented and commercialized form of nicotinamide riboside (NR), an NAD+ precursor.

“With the boom in supplement intake, I believe these products should be produced with quality ingredients, proven science, and responsible marketing”, says Lugavere, “That’s why I’m a big supporter and brand ambassador of Tru Niagen®. It has all these three essential elements”.

Communication is Key

One challenge we all hope to leave in the past is the effects of prolonged isolation. From family game night to graduation, connection with loved ones went remote this year. Only now are we starting to (safely) see people in person once again.

As lockdown restrictions wean further and we start to reintroduce normal life, feelings of isolation will hopefully also subside. Regardless, online communication will remain integral in our daily lives and make a big world seem a little smaller.

2020 changed the way we looked at physical and mental health. While we start to move away from lockdown, staying connected, exercising daily, and supporting our bodies with science-backed supplements as Tru Niagen® set us up for success in post-lockdown life.

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