Orlando Bloom Credits Laird Hamilton and the Rock for Inspiring Him to Get Shredded

Orlando Bloom
Francois Durand / Stringer / Getty Images

Orlando Bloom shot into superstardom after donning a bleach-blonde wig and elf ears for the wildly popular Lord of the Rings franchise (and let’s not forget the billowing getups for Pirates of the Caribbean).

He’s never necessarily been an action star with bulging biceps and a rippling six-pack. He didn’t have to be—he’s a good-looking dude with an accent.

But as of late, the 40-year-old actor has taken a vested interest in health and fitness, thanks to some celebrity friends whose lives revolve around being in insane shape.

Most recently, Bloom took to Instagram to laud Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for his tireless training regimen and dedication, saying it motivates him to hit the gym.


Bloom also shared some unbelievable underwater workouts he’s been doing, ever since surf legend Laird Hamilton introduced him to the grueling routines. He’ll haul heavy dumbbells across the bottom of a pool, then swim laps with a dumbbell in hand for as long as he can—on one breath of air:


And with all that training, Bloom’s naturally been honing his nutrition by learning to cook healthy, lean meals at home.


Inspired to hit the gym or tackle some intense pool workouts on your own? Here are seven ways to build muscle in the pool (without swimming), and our ultimate guide to getting ripped.

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