Our Favorite Twitter Reactions to HBO Go’s Shutdown


Game of Thrones‘ fourth season premiered last night, but for many who use HBO’s streaming app HBO Go (and those who ape their parents’ account), they were met with a spinning wheel. This shocked many fans, who thought that after the app stalled during the True Detective finale, HBO would be prepared to pump up its bandwidth.

Part of the problem is, no doubt, the aforementioned users who borrow their parents’ accounts. Unlike Netflix, an HBO Go account can be opened on limitless screens. There was no way HBO could be prepared for the number of users who would log into HBO Go last night — it was completely unpredictable.

Nevertheless, they learned that during the True Detective finale, and nothing’s improved. Twitter wasn’t kind; here are some of the golden tweets from last night.

First, HBO sends a series of impressively tone deaf tweets:






And all seven hells breaks loose…








Some poked obvious fun at those not paying for accounts:





Some poked fun at the insipid tweets.



Poor guy just wanted his Girls episode.