Outside the Box: 2 Must-Try Garage WODs

Outside the Box: 2 Must-Try Garage WODs

Tired of being confined by the four walls of your local gym? Is your girlfriend or wife always nagging about the mess that was once considered a garage? Join the large percentage of men already working out in their own garage gym and outdoors while utilizing CrossFit WODs to get into the greatest shape of their lives.

While most of the equipment in your big box gym works by isolating your muscles into separate movements, CrossFit’s compound movements prove functional to life activities and not just aesthetic pleasure. So whether you’re looking to improve your weekend warrior flag-football stats or just make your day-to-day activities easier and therefore more enjoyable, add these outdoor and garage gym CrossFit workouts to your routine.


The first workout requires no equipment beyond the weight of your body and sheer determination. Use online tools such as MapMyRun or Google Maps to create your 400m route (that’s ¼ of a mile) and remember it for future use.

For Time:

> 400m run

> 30 walking lunges

> 50 push-ups

* Repeat this triplet, decreasing push-ups by 10 per round until 0


The second workout requires a kettlebell and barbell. You can purchase these online, at your local fitness superstore, or at a garage sale. We recommend a standard Olympic barbell weighing 20kg (45lb) from Rogue Fitness.

5 Rounds of:

> Kettlebell Swings (16kg-24kg) x max reps

> Barbell Thrusters x max reps

> Push-Ups x max reps

> Barbell Reverse Lunges x max reps

> Rest x 1 minute

** Post your times for WOD 1 and your total rep count for WOD 2 to the comments.

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