PERFORMIX® SST Gives You Energy, Metabolism and Focus in One Pill

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Sean Owings had been grinding through sluggish days at work, then struggling through dinner with his family after getting home from the gym. After trying PERFORMIX® SST, he felt the impact almost instantly. “The synergy of ingredients results in both my body and my mind powering up in ways they haven’t in a long time,” he says. “I could definitely feel it working. By the end of the day, I had finished everything on my to-do list and even had time to start prepping for my meetings for the next day.”

Now, Sean uses PERFORMIX®️ SST consistently to fuel his purpose and do more of what he loves, whether it’s working towards a promotion, powering through a workout, or settling in with his wife and daughter. And Sean’s not alone.

Across the country, thousands of men are revolutionizing their workdays with the holistic, motivating energy of SST. We know. Things used to be easier. But lately, juggling work appointments, personal engagements, and family life has left you feeling scattered and exhausted. And when you finally find an hour in your busy schedule to work out, your training is impaired by lack of intensity.

Performix SST
Courtesy Performix

When did you start feeling so exhausted all the time?

You may know PERFORMIX® SST as a best-selling supplement at GNC*. But did you know that SST is best known for increasing energy and enhancing focus throughout the day? If you’ve been relying on coffee to make it to five o’clock, you should know: there’s a better way. PERFORMIX® SST is a 2-in-1 approach to sustaining energy and increasing productivity throughout your busy schedule, using a blend of caffeine, TeaCrine®, and Sensoril® to increase energy and promote focus, clarity, concentration, and alertness.
Remember when you had the stamina to tackle all of life’s challenges on any given day? Those days aren’t over. PERFORMIX® SST is powered by Timed-Release TERRA Intelligent Dosing™ to extend the key benefits throughout the day. So if you’re training for your next 5k, working overtime on a big project, and racing home to spend time with the family, PERFORMIX® SST’s unique blend of timed-release ingredients will help you power through and do more of what you love with the time you have.

Now available at your local Walmart (at a competitive price of $19.98) and CVS, PERFORMIX® SST is your solution to Fuel Your Purpose.

*Based on GNC® 2017 POS Data

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