Playground Workout (Workout A)

1 SCRAMBLE TO BALANCE Get into the bottom position of a pushup, so that your chest is about one inch off the ground [1]. Push yourself up and quickly stand up. Now balance on one leg with your eyes closed for five seconds [2]. Open your eyes and perform a squat on your standing leg, holding the other leg out in front of you [3]. Perform two more single-leg squats, and then get down on the ground again. Count to three and then repeat the exercise, this time squatting on the opposite leg. Continue the process until you’ve performed nine reps on each leg.

2 INCHWORM PUSHUP Get into pushup position and then walk your feet forward a bit so that your butt rises into the air–your legs should be straight and your body should form an upside-down “V” shape above the ground [1]. Now walk your hands forward until your hips are level with the ground and you’re in pushup position [2]. Perform five pushups and then walk your feet forward again so that your hips are piked (your knees must remain straight the whole time) [3]. Continue for 20 feet.

3 MONKEY BAR PULLUP Go to a long, straight pullup bar or monkey bars and hang onto the bar with an outside shoulder-width grip [1]. Walk your hands along the bar until you get to the other end of it, but don’t reach very far with each step [2]. When you get there, perform three pullups [3], then walk your hands back to where you started and perform three more pullups. Continue back and forth in this fashion until you’ve traveled three times each way.

4 HOP JUMP Stand in an athletic stance [1] and perform one small, two-footed hop [2]. Immediately follow the hop with a jump in place, going as high as you can and trying to tuck your knees to your chest [3]. Repeat the sequence until you’ve performed 15 large jumps.

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