Plow Through a Workout Plateau


So you want to keep putting on size and add more plates to your bench press but your progress stalled for the last two months. What gives? Competitive powerlifter and strength coach Ryan LaPlaga, CSCS, shares a secret to bust through a plateau in under two weeks.

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DIRECTIONS: Perform all moves as straight sets. Use this workout once every two weeks and no more.

1. Bench Press: Work up to a max moving from sets of 5 to 3 to 1. No more than 7 sets total.

2. Barbell Overhead Press, 4×5, 2 minutes rest

3. Incline Triceps Extension, 3×12, 1 minute rest

4. Barbell Bent-Over Row, 4×8, 2 minutes rest

5. Lateral Raise, 3×15, 1 minute rest

6. BB Shrugs, 3×8, 1 minute rest

7. Hammer Curl, 3×12, 1 minute rest

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