Power Up Your Jump Squats (Literally)

Main power up your jump squats literally

Plyometrics moves like jump squats are great for helping you improve speed, strength, and power so it’s smart to work them into your routine each week. And the higher and more powerful your jump squats are, the better those results will be. Need a power boost? A new study in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research shows that warming up the right way can help you harness your explosiveness.

For the study, men came into the lab on three separate occasions, each time doing a different warm-up before completing weighted jump squats. For one warm-up, the men did three sets of three reps of a barbell back squat. The second warm-up involved doing three sets of three reps of a squat with a resistance band, and the third consisted of two 30-second static lower body stretches.

After the static stretch warm-up, the men were actually less powerful five to ten minutes afterwards than before they even got started (in other words, this type of stretching actually had a negative effect on their workout.)

However, both dynamic squat warm-ups scored the men a significant increase in lower body power for those weighted squat jumps. Study authors suggest doing squats with the band over barbell squats since bands are more accessible than barbells, but both moves elicited the same power increase, so you can take your pick.

Want another easy trick to leap higher? Do a deeper squat before you jump.

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