Prince Harry Starts Working on His Wedding Body, Steps Out for Workout

Prince Harry Hits the Gym

Prince Harry may be fifth in line for the British throne, but just like any other dude gearing up for a wedding, he’s getting his body ready for the nuptial celebrations. And that means hitting the gym.

Just one day after announcing his engagement to Meghan Markle, an American actress best known for her work on the television series Suits, the royal was spotted leaving a workout session in London.

Prince Harry Works on His Wedding Body

A former Captain in the British Armed Forces, Prince Harry shouldn’t have much trouble getting his fitness back into military-grade shape—but he’s going to have to put in the sweat sessions to get there. Luckily, though, his marriage to Markle isn’t planned to take place until May 2018, so he’s got plenty of time to work on getting lean and building upper-body muscle so he can fill out his suit on the big day.

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