Professional Bull Rider Guilherme Marchi’s 21 Most Shredded Instagram Workout Moments

Guilherme Marchi shows off his tire flip workout for Men's Fitness
 Edgar Artiga, Men's Fitness Guilherme Marchi

To be a professional bull rider, you need a combination of brute strength, explosive power, and lightning-quick agility. Not to mention nerves of steel and some serious balls. 

Without all that there’s no way you can last the required eight seconds atop a bucking bull to get the score you need on the PBR tour.

Men’s Fitness cover star Guilherme Marchi understands this all too well.

That’s why he’s become a nearly indestructible athlete taking part in “the toughest sport on dirt.”

Marchi uses an intense workout routine to build full-body strength and help keep him from ending up on the dirt himself. The PBR star detailed the training regimen for Men’s Fitness, which includes leg cradles, leg raises, lunges, kettlebell swings, classic pushups, medicine ball work, and tire flips.

Much like other ripped athletes and jacked supertstar celebrities—like Baywatch star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Fate of the Furious actor Vin Diesel, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Houston Texans DE J.J. Watt, and Jumanji star Kevin Hart—the PBR star likes to motivate the masses by sharing his workouts on social media.

Here are 21 of Marchi’s most shredded Instagram workout moments:

21. Marchi works up a sweat with some jump rope:


20. The PBR star hones his power and agility:


19. The Men’s Fitness cover guy touches on foot speed and balance:


18. Because—yes, bull riders really, really need to have good balance:


17. Marchi torches his lower-body with some leg raises on the dip bar:

Good work out today ✊✊

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16. Sometimes he takes his workouts from a different perspective:

Aqui não pica pau aqui vc quebra o bico 👊👊👊

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15. Marchi blasts his core:


14. Even though rides are short, bull riders need solid endurance:


13. Marchi takes his upper-body workout to the pool:


12. The PBR star hits leg day—hard:


11. His rope workouts are a tad tougher than what you did in gym class:


10. Marchi gets a full-body workout while swimming in the pool:


9. Marchi takes on the heavy ropes for a major sweat session:

Another steep today at @mjperformance #G👊

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8. The bull rider keeps himself nimble and quick:


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7. Marchi utilizes gymnastics to stay in shape:


6. The athlete keeps motivation high by documenting growth:


5. Marchi always capitalizes on the importance of flexibility:


4. Marchi crushes his core with some leg raises:


3. The PBR athlete shows off his killer leg moves:


2. Going upside-down gives Marchi some great results:


1. Marchi hits up a different kind of bar: