Put Your Faith in The Fish: Elevate Your Wellness with Koi CBD


According to ancient Chinese lore, a school of koi fish swam against the powerful currents of the Yellow River. After a strenuous journey, one made it to the top of a waterfall, and as a reward was turned into a majestic dragon by the Gods. Founded on the same principle of fighting against all odds to reach greatness, Koi CBD helps you elevate your health and happiness so you can achieve optimal wellness.

As the legend tells it, 100 years passed before the single koi fish successfully swam to the top of the waterfall. Along its journey, various demons worked tirelessly to make its experience as difficult as possible, even extending the height of the waterfall itself. Yet, the koi fish fought against the grain and came out with flying colors, literally. Upon witnessing its success, the Gods turned the koi fish into a golden dragon, a symbol of great wisdom and health.

Similar to the koi fish, humans deal with many struggles on a day-to-day basis, such as trouble sleeping, or feelings of daily stress. These challenges make it difficult for many to show up as the best version of themselves every single day. As a result, very few people embark on the rewarding battle of swimming upstream and end up flowing along the currents instead, accepting whatever it is that may come their way.

It’s a well-known fact that the key to living a healthy and happy life is balance, and that begins with choosing to be better and making the effort to do so. It is your responsibility to put faith in yourself, and thankfully, putting faith in the fish can help you along your journey as well.

Founded in 2015 by siblings Brad and Malinda Ridenour, their cousin Jason Decker, and a close friend, Koi CBD is a leading CBD and other hemp cannabinoid manufacturer and retailer in North America. With a goal to help people feel better and live better, the company provides individuals with high-quality and great-tasting cannabinoid products that help uplevel their wellness.

“It’s so rewarding to work in an industry where you make a direct positive impact on people’s lives,” Kim Nunley, Koi CBD’s Content and Community Marketing Manager, says. “You’re motivated to show up every day because of the beneficial effect you’re having on how people feel, and no matter what challenges come about, you finish the day feeling really good about what you’re doing,” she continues.


Research suggests that CBD, or the cannabidiol compound found in cannabis, can be beneficial in increasing your overall well-being by optimizing your body’s ability to carry out day-to-day functions, providing natural relief, and also helping you overcome feelings of stress.

“We have products that are instrumental in helping keep you balanced, through promoting better sleep, stress relief, focus, and just everyday performance optimization in general,” Nunley shares. These CBD-infused products include gummies, tinctures, vapes, balms, roll-on gels, and more.

The company also has a newer line of products which are infused with Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, HHC, and other compounds that come from hemp. These compounds are known to produce euphoric feelings, promoting a state of happiness alongside health.

“We always try to think of ways to help people elevate their wellness and tackle the everyday stresses in life, whether that means by being able to unwind with ease in the evening or on weekends, or by getting a better night’s sleep,” she says.

“Together, these hemp-derived compounds help people deal with the day-to-day stuff that we all go through at some point,” she continues.

As the koi legend reminds us, we must persevere in our ongoing pursuit of “better,” whether that be better days, better months, better years, or better products.

The team at Koi works around the clock to ensure that their products are continuously getting better, whether that be through rigorous testing, flavor development, or simply just listening to their customers’ needs. It’s clear that Koi CBD products are there for people who fight against the grain. It’s for the doers, the go-getters, the optimists, and those who never take no for an answer.

If you would like to elevate your health and happiness using a plant-derived compound that is safe for daily consumption, you can trust Koi CBD. Visit their website to learn more about their products, including CBD and THC gummies, tinctures, vapes and more.

“People have to be careful with the products that they buy, and I think that’s why they’ve come to rely on us, because they know that we do things the right way, and we only use ingredients that are safe,” Nunley concludes.

Written in partnership with Amir Bakian

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