Quick Solutions to Your Training Woes

Quick Solutions to Your Training Woes

THE PROBLEM: Shoulder pain from your last bench press workout.

THE SOLUTION: Do neutral-grip dumbbell bench presses (your palms face each other with elbows tucked close to your sides). This puts your shoulders in a safer position and should reduce pain.

THE PROBLEM: You forgot to pack a postworkout shake.

THE SOLUTION: Try low-fat chocolate milk. Subjects in a 2010 study who did suffered less muscle damage than those who drank a special, high-carb beverage and experienced similar muscle recovery.

THE PROBLEM: You’re weak. You couldn’t do all the reps you needed, or the weights felt heavier than normal.

THE SOLUTION: Reduce the weight by 10% or more, don’t go to failure, and consider taking next week off . You may be close to overtraining, so take it easy.