Ray Williams Sets Powerlifting Record With 1,005-Pound Raw Squat

Ray Williams squats a world record 1,005 lbs at the USAPL Raw Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia on October 16.

Talk about a “power” lift.

Ray Williams pulled off the first-ever 1,000-plus-pound raw squat lift in history, putting up 456 kilograms (exactly 1,005.3 pounds) at the USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend.

Williams performed the lift under the “raw” standards of the International Powerlifting Federation, meaning no “squat suit” and no knee wraps—just a standard weightlifting belt and knee sleeves. It’s the first time an athlete has squatted more than 1,000 pounds raw in a drug-tested competition.

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Here’s another video of Williams’ lifts, including his bench press and deadlift. With a 240kg (529 lb) bench and an 383kg (844 lb) deadlift, Williams set the world record for heaviest drug-tested raw super heavyweight powerlifting total—a whopping 1079kg, or 2,378.7 lbs:


Williams is no stranger to making big lifts. He put up a 905-pound squat at the Alabama State USAPL Championships in September, and has done 1,000-pound squats in the gym, but this was the first one he’s done in competition.


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