The Real Reason You Crave Sweets and High Cal Foods

Main is your personality making you fat

Are you succumbing to your sweet tooth a little too frequently? According to recent research published in the journal Appetite, your personality may be at fault.

Researchers evaluated the responses of 1,000 participants who answered three questionnaires (based on their personality, eating habits and food choices) and found that certain personality traits are linked to poor eating habits, while other traits could make eating healthy easier. (In fact, we recently reported that personality traits affect your overall health, too!)  Do you identify with one of these four personality types? See what it says about your food choices and consider this new insight next time you’re tempted to raid the pantry. Understanding how your personality may be influencing your diet can help you learn to exert more self-control. 

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EXTROVERTED: You tend to eat meals with large groups of people because of your social habits; you’re also likely to consume more sweets, savory foods and sugary drinks (presumably because you’re eating out so much). Abide by these 9 Weight-Loss Rules of Dining Out to avoid packing on the pounds.

NEUROTIC: If you’re constantly plagued by negative emotions, you’re more apt to dig into high caloric foods—specifically, sweet and savory treats­. Try this quick meditation to help reduce your stress before you decide on dinner. 

CONSCIENTIOUS: If you’re highly meticulous, you’re likely to exert high self-control; you’re more likely to avoid emotional eating, over-eating, and are more inclined to consume healthier foods.

OPEN-MINDED: If you crave new experiences, you’re less likely to crave sweets; your diet consists mostly of fruit, vegetables and salads, and you typically consume less meat and soft drinks, too.

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