A Reboot of ‘The Matrix’ Starring Michael B. Jordan Is Reportedly in Development

Michael B. Jordan
 Ronald Martinez / Staff / Getty

It’s common knowledge these days that Hollywood will reboot anything and everything. So why not a new take on Neo and Agent Smith?

The Hollywood Reporter revealed this week that a reboot of The Matrix franchise is reportedly in development at Warner Bros. While development is apparently still very early, the report mentions that WB executives are considering (former Men’s Fitness cover star) Michael B. Jordan (Creed) in the starring role.

It’s worth pointing out that as of this point, the Wachowski siblings (who wrote and directed the trilogy of films) are not involved. It’s possible that WB may be wary of including them on the reboot, due to the negative critical reception of The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, in addition to the disappointing box office numbers for their most recent films, Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending.

Instead, the script is reportedly being written by Zak Penn, known for working on hugely successful comic book films like X2 and The Avengers as well as creating the cult-hit Syfy show Alphas.

The report also mentions that WB sees the potential in creating spinoffs in the universe of The Matrix, just as Disney produced Rogue One and the upcoming Han Solo film as “anthology films” that exist within the Star Wars mythos, but independently from the Star Wars trilogy.

The rebooted Matrix film currently does not have a release date.