Recover With the Dual Efforts of Omega-3 and CBD

Athlete Recovering

Omega-3 and Exercise
Omega-3 fatty acids are used frequently by athletes both pre- and post-exercise and not just for help to maintain a healthy heart. They also aid in muscle recovery after a workout and to help your body use the proteins you consume to synthesize muscle protein. The research into the use of omega-3 fatty acids by athletes is continuing as more and more potential benefits are examined.

CBD and Exercise and the Link With Omega-3
No question about it, cannabidiol (CBD) is the wellness product of the moment. Scientists are researching how CBD may be effective in supporting the body’s natural regulation of exercise-induced inflammation. Interestingly, new research indicates that CBD and omega-3 fatty acids work both on similar pathways as well as different ones, so their roles in inflammation may be complementary.

Highest Quality Krill Oil Full of Omega-3s Partnered With Extract From U.S.-grown Hemp.
The combination of Ocean Remedies omega-3 fatty acids and Forest Remedies hemp extract may be a new best part of your exercise regimen! Plus,100% of the ingredients for both products come from natural sources.

Forest Remedies Soothing Balms are made from the highest quality broad spectrum hemp extract. Crafted in the USA with American-grown hemp, Forest Remedies balms are specifically formulated to help provide the extra care your body needs.

Ocean Remedies Krill Oil is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids and is rich in phospholipids (an important building block for every cell and neuron in your body) and astaxanthin (a natural antioxidant).

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