Reggie Bush Makes a Workout Video

Reggie bush vid_rotator

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush recently teamed up with Equinox gym to help create a new eight-week workout routine. The high-intensity program combines five main movements: push, pull, squat, rotate and bend, in boot camp style exercises, and uses motivational techniques (including a commitment pledge) so you won’t miss a day. To prove the program is a tough as it touts, Equinox sent a camera crew and instructor Lia Smith to put Bush through the moves where he’s most comfortable: all over the field at Miami Dolphin’s Sun Life Stadium. The result: A slick—yet action packed—workout video. Leveraging Bush’s elite athleticism, program designer Lisa Wheeler showed how the program is scalable and moldable to every guy—from regular guys to NFL stars. She ramped up the program’s intensity for Bush, pulling basic moves from class to create challenges at a whole new level. For example, in this program preview video, Bush pulls a tackling sled with a trainer on it, but in class the same movement is transferred using exercise bands and a partner.

Want to get a taste of the workout at home? Lisa Wheeler, Equinox’s workout designer and program manager for group fitness, suggests these two quick DIY moves for the “push” and “rotate” positions of the class. Push: Lower yourself into push-up position. Alternate hand positions (regular 90-degree angle, wide, yoga “chaturanga”) for each set of 10 push-ups as you lower a few inches from the floor and push back up. Rotate: Lie face down in the plank position. Bring your right knee to your left elbow, squeezing your core. Alternate.

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