Reporter Tries to Eat as Many Calories as a TdF Rider; Vomits

If you're a professional cyclist riding five-plus hours a day up the steepest climbs of this year's Tour de France course, you often need to consume more than 8,000 calories just to keep your body moving forward and maintain your weight. If you're a frumpy man wearing a Russian cycling kit who's sitting around doing almost nothing at all, that much food without any training or activity will probably make you vomit. But against his own better judgement, Norwegian reporter Nicolay Ramm decided to give it a try anyway.

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Ramm consulted with Henrik Orre, chef of Team Sky, which won the 2012 and 2013 Tour de France, to get a detailed list of what a regular rider eats throughout the day. He then tried to consume all 8,290 calories in one sitting. After five hours of throwing down everything from oatmeal, omelets, smoothies, and sandwiches to pasta, yogurt, nuts, bananas, Coke, two energy gels, and at least nine energy bars, his body gave up after only 4,300 calories.

"Keep going?" he asks after the gels did him in. "No. I'm giving it up. I need the loo."

Here's a list of everything you would need to eat to keep up with Team Sky:

3 Sandwiches
500ml Smoothie
100g of pasta
Glass of orange juice

Handful of nuts
2 Energy Bars
"Lots of" Water
More Coffee

During the Race
2 Croissants with jam and ham
2 Cans of Coke
7 Energy Bars
2 Energy Gels
"Lots of" Sports Drinks

After the Race
500ml Smoothie
200g of Rice
More Coffee

500ml of Juice
150g of Pasta
More Coffee

Evening Snack
Cereal with yogurt

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