Resistance Body Bands Are The Key To Staying In Shape

resistance body bands

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Just because we’re sequestered indoors doesn’t mean we can’t still get in a good workout. For just twenty bucks, get this killer set of resistance bands delivered from Amazon and you can stay in shape using natural resistance. No weights, no machines, no home gym required.

Mantra Sports Resistance Body Bands ($20 at Amazon) is a set of three resistance bands of varying weights and strengths. Sculpt your muscles tone your body, and stay fit during these troubling times.

resistance body bands

There are no membership fees. No bulky weights to clutter up the house. No personal trainers to pay. The Mantra Sports set has it all, including a workout poster to demonstrate the correct methods for various exercises.

Stretching with these exercise bands from three to six times a week, combined with a healthy diet and sufficient sleep, can help you:

  • Tone and shape your biceps, core, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves
  • Strengthen your muscles and joints for better balance and mobility
  • Rehabilitate legs that have grown weak due to illness, injury, or surgery (or quarantine!)
  • Shed pounds and lose weight by burning fat and building muscle mass
  • Warm-up muscles during pre-workout to stimulate blood flow and prevent injury
  • De-stress and cool down after a busy day at work

Each box of Mantra Sports Resistance Body Bands includes a three-piece piece set of anti-roll, anti-snap resistance loop bands made of 70 percent cotton and 30 percent latex and measuring 13, 15, and 17 inches. There’s also a travel-ready mesh bag for easy storage and transport, so you can take your bands anywhere you are.

It also comes with a progressive exercise plan that allows you to go from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels in 12 weeks. Each level includes power workouts such as squats, standing hip extensions, seated clamshells, lying kickbacks, plank leg extensions, side hip abductions, and more.

resistance body bands

If you’re performing CrossFit, P90X, Insanity, 80 Day Obsession, or any HIIT workout. Now you can get a quick warm-up and cool-down with these elastic pull up exercise flex-bands. These are. mostly cotton, so they’re more natural-feeling—and more durable—than pure latex bands. They don’t roll up and twist as easily as pure latex, either.

Cloth stretch bands are the kind used by professional physical therapists to condition muscles plus joints and tendons. They build strength, support rehabilitation, increase blood flow, resulting in reduced muscle soreness, injury prevention, and speedier recovery.

Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t burn fat, lose weight, and tone your muscles. Pick up the Mantra Sports Resistance Body Bands set today and keep your workout going. When all this coronavirus nonsense is over and we can go back to our normal lives, you’ll be the fittest guy at the gym and the beach.

Get It: Pick up Mantra Sports Resistance Body Bands ($20) at Amazon


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