‘Revenge of the Nerds’ Actor Curtis Armstrong Embraces Dorkhood in New Book

Curtis Armstrong
 Bennett Raglin/WireImage / Getty Images

Despite the nearly 150 films and TV shows Curtis Armstrong has done since 1983, you probably remember him as one big nerd.

“My entire career can be traced back to Revenge of the Nerds—it opened the door for everything else,” Armstrong, 63, says. “I’ve worked with some of the biggest actors, but people still chase me down the street and ask me to belch!”

Luckily, the Detroit native, who famously advised a young Tom Cruise with the sage words, “What the f—?” in Risky Business, is fine with embracing dorkhood.

“I’ll always be everybody’s favorite nerd,” he says. “My name is Curtis Armstrong, but you can call me Booger.”

His new book was released on July 11, and is available for purchase on amazon.com for $27.