Rly, Bruh: “Fat-Shaming,” “Swole” Added to Oxford English Dictionary

Rly, Bruh: “Fat-Shaming,” “Swole” Added to Oxford English Dictionary

Rly, bruh: Manspreading, butthurt, and pwned are among the new word and phrases added to the list of words in the Oxford English Dictionary, the makers of the legendary dictionary announced late Wednesday. (Rly and bruh are in there, too.)

The new additions shed some lexigraphical light on the very latest of pop cultural phenomenons. They point to our love of burritos—witness fast-casual, barbacoa, and hangry. Then there’s our distinctly American love-hate relationship with baked goods—looking at cakeage, cat cafe, cupcakery, and, of course, fat-shaming. (Cakeage, by the way, is the fee you have to pay a restaurant if you bring in a cake made somewhere else.)

Maybe the grand old OED is just giving up altogether on holding back the tide of Internet slang, a decision that is obviously just awesomesauce for all the Redditors and manic pixie dream girls doing their daily crossword puzzles. Imagine: “Seven down, the clue is ‘what guys do squats for.'” “Hmmm, does fatberg fit?” “No, but swole does!”)

Also on the list:

  • — beer o’clock: You know this one, guys.
  • — fur baby: Slang for one’s dog, cat, chinchilla, domesticated hedgehog, etc.
  • — mic drop: deliberately dropping the mic because you just crushed it, bruh!

You can check out a list of the new words, and their definitions, at TIME.

Oh, and by the way: If you wanna avoid being weak sauce and get rly swoll instead, head over to our list of workout routines.

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